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The Energy Project line of protectors is a complete range, in continual evolution, of cleaners for petrol, diesel and gas, which are optimizers for combustion, anti-freeze products and instrumentation


Diesel Cleaner for MX3000

10 lt can

The Datapower cleaner for MX 3000 is a product specifically formulated to be used with the special MX 3000 device (Datacol code) Z750140, enabling an accurate cleaning of the entire fuel system under high and low pressure, of all diesel engines. This product has been specifically formulated for high-powered cleaning, the protection of all mechanical parts involved and solid lubrication. If the cleaning cycle is performed with the engines running and at operating temperature, all parts involved will receive a far more accurate clean with respect to normal cleaning systems. In addition to the formula's cleaning power, this is made possible by exploiting the heat generated by the engine and the movement of the various mechanical parts. Unblocks and descales and lubricates pumps, injectors, valves and combustion chambers, restoring the engine's optimal values specified during the design phase.

Does not contain Kerosene.
UNI EN 228 standard compliant.
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Diesel Cleaner for MX3000

Product Overview

What it is

It is a lubricating-cleaner for the cleaning of high pressure pumps, injectors, valves and combustion chamber of all kind of diesel engines without the need of disassembling.


It must be used exclusively with the appropriate MX 3000 device (Z750140) and Z750200 DataInjection Cleaner.


A cleaning cycle is recommended every 50-60,000 km, or when necessary.

How to use

With the special devices Z750140 MX3000 and / or Z750200 DataInjection Cleaner.


  • The combined use of the Z350260 cleaner and MX 3000 Z750140 allows an accurate clean of all mechanical parts involved without the need for dismantling, saving a considerable amount of time and effort. 
  • Thanks to the possibility to clean with the engine running by slightly varying the speed from time to time, cleaning is optimised on all components, simulating on-road operation.
  • Unblocks, descales and lubricates pumps
  • Unblocks, descales and lubricates injectors
  • Unblocks, descales and lubricates valves and combustion chamber
  • Restores the engine's optimal values specified during the design phase.