The new line of DATACOL protectors

The Energy Project line of protectors is a complete range, in continual evolution, of cleaners for petrol, diesel and gas, which are optimizers for combustion, anti-freeze products and instrumentation


DataFap Cleaning FAP/DFP Cleaner

5 lt can

The Datafapcleaning diesel particulate filter cleaning detergent is a non-flammable liquid, completely free of suspended solids, specifically formulated for the cleaning and the forced regeneration of FAP and DPF filters.

 Thanks to its chemical formulation and method of application, this cleaner is able to perform a deep cleansing action on the mesh filtering element inside the diesel particulate filter.  It easily removes carbonic residue and soot obstructing the normal passage of engine exhaust gases, restoring the normal functions of this delicate component.

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DataFap Cleaning FAP/DFP Cleaner

Product overview

What is it

A regeneration cleaner for diesel particulate filters.


Suitable for all diesel engines fitted with a particulate filter, it can be used in Euro 4,5,6 engines, including latest generation ones.


Every 8000/10000 km for preventive use.

How to use

To be poured into the tank as a standard cleaner, 300 ml per 50/60 litres of diesel. For concentrated use in case of clogging of the particulate filter or if the warning lights turns on, use a 300 ml package per 25/30 liters of diesel.


  • Catalyse the combustion of particulate at a lower temperature inside the filter
  • Regenerates the particulate filter optimising the functioning
  • Extends the life of the particulate filter
  • Reduces the polluting effects of the exhaust gases