The new line of DATACOL protectors

The Energy Project line of protectors is a complete range, in continual evolution, of cleaners for petrol, diesel and gas, which are optimizers for combustion, anti-freeze products and instrumentation


Petrol Fuel System Cleaner 300 ml

300 ml

Cleaner with lubricant ideal for cleaning leaded and unleaded petrol fuel systems, compatible with engines with carburetor systems and electronic injection, including latest generation high-pressure systems.

It prevents and eliminates the build-up of water, impurities, rust, as well as alcohol, paraffin, bacteria and gelatine deposits inside the tank.

Restores engine power, reduces fuel consumption and gas emissions (CO, HC, NOX), helps ignition, eliminates incorrect idling speed, engine knocking, no-load throttle due to lean burn; it improves the life of the engine, the turbo and the catalytic converter.

Cleans piston segments and crowns.

Does not contain Kerosene.
UNI EN 228 standard compliant.
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Petrol Fuel System Cleaner 300 ml

Product Overview

What it is

It is a cleaner with lubricant ideal for cleaning entire petrol fuel systems.


It can be used in all currently existing petrol fuel systems.


To be used when necessary or during services every 15,000 km

How much

Pour a 300 ml dose into a tank containing minimum of 15 litres of fuel.


  • Prevents and eliminates up to 3 litres of water which may form in the tank due to condensation.
  • Eliminates paraffin, rust and bacteria from the entire circuit.
  • Prevents the ageing of the fuel and eliminates corrosive acidity from the entire system.
  • Eliminates noisy pump phenomena in the tank.
  • Cleans and lubricates the fuel circuit.
  • Unblocks and cleans injectors.
  • Optimises engine performance, reducing exhaust gas emissions.