The new line of DATACOL protectors

The Energy Project line of protectors is a complete range, in continual evolution, of cleaners for petrol, diesel and gas, which are optimizers for combustion, anti-freeze products and instrumentation


Petrol Fuel System Cleaner

100 ml

Antioxidant and lubricating additive/cleaner specifically formulated for petrol engines with injection systems, including latest generation high pressure engines.

This additive has been specifically formulated in order to make the fuel more flammable and performing, reducing significantly the polluting emissions of exhaust gases.

Does not contain Kerosene.
UNI EN 228 standard compliant.
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Petrol Fuel System Cleaner

Product Overview

What it is

It is a combustion additive / optimizer for petrol powered systems


On all existing systems using petrol, such as motorcycles, scooters, choppers, dirt bikes, ATVs, lawn mowers, chain saws, agricultural machineries.


100 ml per 15-20 liters of petrol

How much

Whenever the tank is filled up, to reduce consumptions and improve engine performance

Every 2000/3000 km, to keep the engine clean


  • Rapid engine start
  • Improves engine performance
  • It keeps spark plugs free from carbon deposits;
  • Prevents aging of petrol
  • Less consumption
  • Less pollution
  • Suitable for petrol engines 2 and 4 strokes