The new line of DATACOL protectors

The Energy Project line of protectors is a complete range, in continual evolution, of cleaners for petrol, diesel and gas, which are optimizers for combustion, anti-freeze products and instrumentation


DataInjection Cleaner

DataInjection Cleaner is an autonomous operating device that efficiently cleans the injection system of petrol or diesel engines without the need for any disconnection and with the engine running. Can be used with injection systems for petrol engines (K, KE, L, LE, LH, Motronic, Monojetronic, Renix etc.) and diesel engines (prechamber and direct injection, common rail and pump injection).

Recommended for injection systems of all petrol and diesel engines. Suitable for cars and trucks, boat engines and fixed equipment.

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DataInjection Cleaner

Product Overview

What it is

Automatic operating device that efficiently cleans the injection system of petrol or diesel engines without the need for disconnecting and with the engine running.


It can be used in all currently existing diesel and petrol fuel systems, even if fitted with a diesel particulate filter (FAP - DPF) or catalytic converter.


It is recommended to perform a cleaning cycle every 50-60,000 km or when needed.

How to use

It can be used without the need to disconnect anything and with the engine running.


  • It can be used with no modification of the different injection systems
  • Easy to use and connect
  • The pressure is adjustable so that it can be used on any kind of injection
  • Steady and sufficient supply of product
  • Powered at 12 V by the vehicle battery
  • It is possible to change the amount of cleaner according to the degree of soiling
  • Complete safety is guaranteed throughout the treatment
  • Protection against overloads
  • Once the treatment is finished, the device will automatically shutdown and activate the alarm
  • It is possible to turn off the device  even during the treatment
  • Protection of the electrical system against overloads, excessive voltage and reverse polarity
  • CE Machinery Directive compliant
  • The closed tank the leaking of the cleaning liquid vapors
  • The tank safety cap protects against build-up of flammable vapors
  • Provided with a complete set of adaptors for European market
  • All components are compatible with extremely strong cleaning products (pump for chemicals liquid, PTFE tubes, special gaskets in the regulator)