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Carbonic Residue Cleaning Spray

400 ml

The DATACOL decarbonising spray is an innovative product specifically formulated to facilitate the removal of carbonic residue formed in engines. Its special formulation has been designed to dissolve the dirt generated by combustion smoke and deposited on mechanical parts that work at high temperatures.  

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Carbonic Residue Cleaning Spray

Product Overview

What it is

It is a spray made of a mixture of special solvents able to dissolve carbonic deposits.


The product can be used to facilitate the disassembling of common rail injectors, to clean the inside of the turbine, the EGR valve, the butterfly valves of inlet ducts and to clean diesel particulate filters and catalytic converters.


When needed.


Spray the product on the parts needing to be cleaned or released, and leave to work for as long as needed (even up to 180 minutes).  Remove the dissolved dirt using the Datacol Z325120 brake cleaner and a cloth or paper with a suitable consistency. If necessary, repeat the operation until all the dirt has been removed. 

Caution: product contains solvents that may damage paints or some types of plastics. Use with suitable protective gloves, mask and glasses.




  • It can be used to facilitate the dismantling of injectors from the cylinder head, assisting the work of extractors.
  • Efficiently dissolves carbonic residue formed in the inside of the turbine, the EGR valve and the butterfly valves of inlet ducts, without the need for dismantling.
  • Facilitates diesel particulate filter and catalytic converter cleaning operations.
  • Efficiently cleans without the need to dismantle mechanical components, saving a significant amount of time.